Thursday, August 28, 2008

No No

Grammy Rita sent pics from her visit. We take pictures of his "no no's" too. The good news is...the new console came in hopefully this "no no" won't be a problem anymore...I am sure it will take him about 5 seconds to find a new one.

Grammy Rita

Yea!! Grammy Rita came to visit this week. Tyson got lots of "love." 


As you can see Tyson has been VERY concerned about Hurricane Gustav today.  Tomorrow I will be teaching him how to pick out his VERY favorite things to pack. "Just in Case" 


Tyson is usually a VERY happy baby...but this week he has been so miserable.  He is cutting the top two teeth...they finally came in. He had a few sleepless nights...along with Mommy & Daddy. He also had fever and LOTS of poopie diapers.  POOR BABY!!! Today he is MUCH better. We are happy to have sleep.  (LSU outfit sponsored by MeMe...ha ha ha)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Michael Cate has done it again...check out our Water Baby on Applause Photo (under favorites) click on client Tyson (combined)...and scroll through to the bottom...the blue eyed cutie at the end of the photo session is Tyson's buddy Kaden. Michael captured so many of the faces that I have been trying to catch on camera. Tyson is such a little ham. THANK YOU MICHAEL...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

just a couple of old pics

Can you tell I am avoiding unpacking and putting the house back together???  These are just a couple of pics from a few weeks ago.

Back from Lake Tahoe

We are back from our vacation. It was GORGEOUS!! Scott took some amazing pictures..I will post a few when he adds the pics to the computer later. This is the face I woke up to this morning...well the second time. 

Trigger woke Scott up around 5:30...we thought to let us know that it was STORMING...which we knew. Then Tyson woke us up at 6 am playing with his crib toys...Scott went to see him and stepped off into standing water in the living room. 

Apparently this is what Trigger was trying to tell us this morning. Bad news...It wasn't fun to wake up to...or clean...the patio was FULL...and the wet vac couldn't handle Scott set everything up to pump pool water OUT into the alley drain...and we used a pool vac to pump the patio water INTO the pool. HA HA HA 

The good news is...our entertainment center is not here there was no big furniture on that level of the living room...and Tyson went back to sleep until 8am so he slept through the whole thing. 

Just another day...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


MeMe took this picture when Tyson was "lovin" on Adi...I love his smile. He LOVES MeMe & Adi.

Where's my paci??

Tyson plays in his crib when he wakes up. It is so nice. He wakes up so happy. I came in yesterday after his nap and sat him up to play with some toys...when I came back I saw this little face peaking through the bars. It took me a second to notice that he dropped his paci out of the crib. He could see it...he just couldn't get to it.

Fishy Face

Tyson makes the funniest faces. His top two teeth have been coming in for a while now...and he acts like it "itches" the way he sucks on his lips. In the beginning I thought he was trying to make a fishy face.  

Monday, August 11, 2008

Watching the Olympics

We are really enjoying watching the olympics. Tyson is starting to get around pretty good. When he is on the carpet, or tile, he is getting better at spinning, rolling, and scooting. In his pack n' play he prefers to stand. He is starting to move his legs and take side steps while holding on. It is so funny to watch him try and figure things out. His little arms will start shaking because he is just trying to hold himself up as long as he can. He is such an athlete. ha ha ha  

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tile kisses

Tyson loves the tile floor. He loves it so much he gives it kisses. Of course he does not know how to be gentle yet. Trigger decided to keep him company this time. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Edouard is gone...the rain is still here.

On the way home from the golf tournament Sun. evening we ran into some NASTY weather. I was happy to be IN the house after that trip. We woke up the next morning to find Tropical Storm Edouard brewing in the gulf. So we spent the day "preparing." Ty and I  sat in line at the gas station trying to fill up the last half of the tank and some gas cans. We made "dash" through Walmart that afternoon with EVERYONE else and their dog. We now have a generator (picked up by Scott on his lunch break), bottled water, wind up flashlights, extension cords, a new fan, enough food to feed a small army, and LOTS of batteries. Then I had to prepare for Tyson...let's just say we are not going to run out of diapers, wipies, or other baby essentials for a VERY LONG TIME.  Of course I also went to PetCO "where the pets go" to stock on food for the "baby dogs"."

MeMe and Adi (that is Megan and her husband Adam) came from Cameron Parish to ride out the storm with us at our house. We had a really great time...and the storm was no big deal. THANK GOODNESS. Just WINDY WINDY...and lots of rain. But NOW we are PREPARED. ha ha ha 

This is just an old pic from this weekend...he looks like a BIG boy in his booster seat.

As for the rest of the is STILL raining...I got my hair cut off and Scott had his LASIK eye surgery yesterday. Everything went VERY well and he was seeing 20/20 this morning at his followup appointment.

My Buddy Lleyton

Last weekend we finally had a chance to visit with Lleyton and his Mommy & Daddy.  Lleyton is PRECIOUS!!!  He has such a sweet nature about him. Lleyton was born three weeks after Tyson. Even though he lives in Liberty we are all excited that the boys will get to grow up so closely with each other. Good times. We can not wait to play again soon.  (I love the first pic when they first saw each other.) SO SWEET!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Golf weekend

This weekend Scott played in one of the annual golf tournament in Liberty. Although it was WAY too hot for Tyson to watch golf all weekend, we did get chances to visit with everyone. It is always good to see friends & family. PLUS, Tyson ate is that for a great weekend.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey Mommy THIS is what a couch feels like!!

YEA!!! some of our furniture finally arrived. Tyson's eyes are all better...and when he woke up this morning the first thing he wanted to do was sit on his new couch. OK, maybe Mommy is a little more excited than he is. I won't bore you with pics of all the new furniture...but most of you know...after sitting on lawn chairs in our living room since April...THIS IS NICE!!!