Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Haircut

"I went to meet Daddy yesterday and get MY FIRST HAIRCUT!  Bye Bye baby mullet"

"Momma & Daddy had to help hold me still...I did NOT cry...but I kept turning around so I could see what Ms. Joy was doing."

"Just for the record I am not crying in this picture...unfortunately I woke up with pink eye in BOTH eyes...AGAIN!"   

Momma will post pics of the new haircut after he wakes up today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"Daddy had to pull the crib out to find 'A' paci for me...look what he found. JACKPOT!!"

"Sometimes it's difficult to make choices when you have so many options."

"YEP! I chose the only PINK one in the pile. I am confident AND secure. I am aware that not everyone can pull this off.  Oh yea...just remembered...I HAVE to get a haircut tomorrow..."

I see you

Megan, "MeMe", and Tyson were playing last night. I tried to crop this video so you could hear him laughing! I LOVE IT!!!   


MeMe made this video of Tyson wearing his new mittens outside.  TOO CUTE!!!

You do what you gotta do!!

We went to "Niece"  Kiersten's Magical Fairy Princess Birthday Party this weekend. (you should hear Scott say that with LOADS of excitement in his voice) "KiKi" turned 3.  I will post pics of that when Aunt Misty sends me some...I was a slacker Aunt and did not have my camera...well, YES...I did HAVE my camera, but I couldn't find it in the bottom of my purse. OH WELL...anyway...we did not bring anything for Tyson to sit in to eat...and he is a WIGGLE the picture above shows how we resolved this.  HEY! you do what you gotta do...CPS anyone???

Friday, November 21, 2008


"Will someone PLEASE tell my Daddy that I do NOT need a haircut. "  

"No! I do NOT have a 'baby mullet.'"  GEEZE!!!


"Look what I got for CHRISTMAS from MeMe"
"MeMe LOVES me!!"
"Yea, we talked about the fact that it isn't THANKSGIVING yet...but I told her I didn't care...we could go ahead and open it...there will be LOTS of things to open later...but I didn't have 'anything' to play with TODAY!" 

Playing at Grammy Rita's & Grampa Don's

"I played with Grammy Rita & Grampa Don last weekend"
"It was fun...I read a few books."
"I knocked down all the towers."

"and I worked in a little exercise."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Read with caution...and not before you EAT!! I know I haven't posted in a while...been a little up the of ME!  about a week and a half ago...Tyson had a corny dog...after he was "swinging"...he threw up...non-chewed CORNY DOG all over the place.  This freaked him out...and us...because up to this point he has not been sick...and he has definitely not thrown up. 

So it begins...Tyson continued to throw up all afternoon...I thought he had a fever...and after a while he was SO HAPPY after he threw up. So I decided the next day if he was still throwing up I would take him to the pediatrician. 

The next day he was keeping his pedialite down...I fed him breakfast...all was well with the world...later that evening while we were sitting around the table...Tyson stuck his fingers right down his throat and threw up everything he just ate...and then laughed.   HELLO???  

So for days following...Tyson would put his fingers in his mouth (his next two teeth are breaking through) and he would smile at us when we would say...NO...we started spanking his hands (GO AHEAD CALL CPS...I really don't care)...and he would continue to smile and then GAG himself...and then the smile you see in this photo.

I've asked for advice...I have called the pediatrician...who seems to agree with me...that he is not sick...he just learned a "new trick"...and there are not baby physchiatrists to treat "baby bulemia."   As long as he is still having tee tee diapers...and he is not losing a lot of weight...he is's "just a phase."  YIPPEE!!!  Why should I not put things on his fingers....such as TABASCO???  because he is 10 months old...and whatever I put on his fingers is destined to be IN HIS EYES.  (good advice)  

I think my worst episode was when he threw up his milk bottle all over me while I curled up in fetal position in Scott's chair trying to keep it off of the furniture. Seriously...I think he atcually drank 2 ounces and threw up 15.  Scott's worst was probably after he spewed his chicken spaghetti all over Scott and Tyson ended up on the kitchen sink...where he was stripped down and "hosed off." BUT, I think MeMe wins when I found her at Kohls and Tyson was asleep in the stroller with nothing on but a new pair of pants...after he spewed EVERYTHING...I think Megan's words were "If you see baby carrots on the floor that was us."   

"Pre-mommy ME" would have been curled up on the floor crying for someone else to come CLEAN THIS UP...and then they would have to clean ME UP...after I got sick myself. I am officially amazed at how your life changes when you become a parent. 

So far the last few days have been "bulemia free." So hopefully Tyson is through this "phase of life."


Poker night

The day after Halloween we had a bunch of friends over for the afternoon to play Texas Hold 'Em before the HORNS game (which they lost...but we don't have to go into detail about that). We had so much fun. The kids seemed to have a great time "playing" with each other. Of course we ATE really well also. Scott made a huge chili...and all the girls, and some of the guys, made dips, snacks, and desserts. OH MY GOODNESS!!! there was so much food.  It's always fun to get together like this...some people play poker, some people don't, and everyone seems to have a great time. Of course when the game started...the poker ended...but the eating continued...YUM!!!  and it was ALL good until...I don't know...the last minute and 29 seconds of the game...I don't know I wasn't really paying attention...HA HA HA!!  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Friendly Trick-or-Treaters"

We decided to stay home this year since Tyson doesn't quite get it yet. Some of our friends came by the house to trick-or-treat. We had such a great time seeing all the kids in their costumes. We always love visiting with our friends.


Daddy gave Tyson his first DumDum sucker today. Unfortunately for Ryan when he came over to Trick or Treat, Tyson thought he should have his too.  

"Hey Ryan, whacha' got there?"

"Come on, just let me see it."
"I've almost got it.""Never mind. I found another one."

Kaden's Treats

Kaden (The little hunter) came over to Trick or Treat.
Tyson was pretty excited about it.

Kaden was pretty excited about the candy.

"Hey what did you get???"

"I have some of these."

Camp "Trick or Treat"

On the weekend before Halloween we drove to Lake Livingston to camp with the Bartletts & the Rileys. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. Everyone decorates their camper for Halloween, there were activities for the kids, costume contest, and trick-or-treating from camper to camper.

Kiersten was a "magical fairy princess."  Lane was a "ninja." Tyson was a "little monkey."
Tyson is sporting his Horns outfit from Uncle D-Dub.

Scott cooked a gumbo all day on Saturday and then like rednecks we watched the horns outside. HA HA HA

Landon was a race car "director".

Aunt Misty & KiKi "Trick or Treating."


Tyson was a little monkey for Halloween this year. He had an opportunity to wear his costume a few times. I will try to add pics/slideshows later.