Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm a Big Boy now

LOOK WHO IS TAKING A NAP IN HIS BIG BOY BED!!!   woohoo...he CHOSE to do this...instead of going into the nursery for his nap in the toddler bed...he went straight to his REAL big boy bed...I've been able to sneak in take pictures, set up a monitor...and he is STILL sleeping...WOOHOO!!!  I'll keep you posted...I am sure you are on the edge of your seat...just like me.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Seriously???!!!???  did you REALLY believe that title when you saw it. Do you think Scott and I really want to start fighting this battle when Baby Mike will be here in TWO and a HALF weeks?? he is ONLY 18 months old...he is a BABY!!! and he is NOT going to go to Kindergarden with his paci in his mouth!!! we are ok with this...hee hee hee 

Big Boy Bed (almost)

Well we compromised. The original plan was to start transitioning Tyson into his big boy bed (bunk bed) in his big boy room sometime around Easter. That got put on hold, and we are just now getting more consistent with actually "being at home." SO the compromise was, Daddy would convert the crib into a toddler bed and he could sleep in the nursery until we are "ready" to move him into the big boy room. These pics are of Tyson getting ready for his first "big boy" nap in his "big boy" bed. Other than the crib and a few wall decorations the nursery is set up for Baby Mike. So we explained to Tyson that when he goes to bed he has to STAY in bed until someone comes to get him. He laid down and before Scott could plug the video monitor in the living room Tyson was out of bed...I laughed so hard watching his little feet run in place when he heard Scott open the door. He could not get back in the bed fast enough. That has been his last attempt to "get out of bed."  Even this morning at SIX THIRTY A.M. when I realize the monitor was too low to hear it...I heard Tyson crying from across the house and he was just sitting in his "big boy" bed...WAITING for someone to come and get him. He is getting SO BIG!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horns Celebration Dance

It is college baseball World Series time. Tyson is learning a lot. Tuesday night, for those who did not tune in, UT was getting it handed to them and they were down 6 to 0.  This is the "celebration dance" Tyson was doing after UT scored enough in one inning to tie the game.  UT later won the game 10 to 6.   I think???!!??  (Tyson and Momma were both asleep by this time) WOOHOO!!!  HOOK 'EM HORNS!!! 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Driving is SERIOUS business

Tyson's Turn

This is Tyson's turn on the BIG DADDY slide. He loved every minute of it!!  

Big Daddy Slip n' Slide

This was such a fun day...there's not enough space to blog everything I want to I will put another video on later.Below are a couple of pics from Cameron Payne's 5th birthday party.  The slide show has A TON of pics from Scott's check it out when you have the time to view them. WORTH IT!!! The video shows a clip of just how fun the 30 foot inflatable slip n slide was for the ADULTS!!!  Yes, the Mommys (minus me) got on it as well...but this little clip sums up what the Daddys looked like ALL DAY LONG!  GREAT DAY!!! 

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Pool Time

Mommy made the blog...because Daddy brought "his" camera home. WOOHOO!!! we love pics from Daddy's camera.
Kayley Payne is waiting for her snack. Cutie Patootie!
KiKi (Kiersten) is snacking on some nachos.  The girls were napping while Uncle Scott took Slip n Slide pics the day we wanted to make sure a GOOD PIC made the blog. 
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A Watermelon Break

Cameron Payne turned 5 years old last week...during his party we all took a little watermelon break. Tyson was VERY excited. This is his favorite treat.

A new chair

Shelly & Troy Burrell gave us this time out chair made especially for Tyson. MUCH NEEDED!!! Tyson has not quite figured out that it will be for Time Out...but from the looks of things Kaden knows what it is for. LOL...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! we love it...and Tyson WILL put it to good use.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st day in the POOL!

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When we were driving home from Liberty on Sunday, Scott and decided we were DETERMINED to spend the rest of the day in the pool.  It took Scott a few hours to unload all of Poppa Mike's shop equipment into our "new storage facility," but then the rest of the day was spent floating, playing water basketball, and eating fajitas. The water has been too cold for Tyson to swim...but the water was PERFECT on Sunday. We had a great time with the Latiolais fam.  I just turned the computer back on to type this after the lightning storm that just passed is still raining so who knows if the water will be warm enough after this. OH WELL!!  We got some floaties for Tyson to use this year. He likes to get in and out of the pool and walk these make us feel a lot better. He seems to be picking up right where he left off last summer. He is definitely a "water bug."  

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Hard work"

Momma Chris offered the boys some money for their help this weekend. The grandkids have been a BIG help during the moving process and always for free, but Momma Chris knew this was a big job. The big job on Saturday was moving the rocks from the front yard to the back was a long process...and the boys worked VERY hard. KiKi and Tyson helped when the mood struck them and took good naps.
Aunt Jean (that's me) sat her preggo hiney in a lawn chair and "captured the moment." (I have been doing this a lot throughout the moving process.  My favorite picture is of the  boys holding up their earnings...not just because of the look on their faces...but because this is when Tyson decided he might want to actually help a he picked up a shovel. Lets hope his work ethic grows in time.  Good job guys!!! Poppa Mike would be VERY proud!
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Muddy Buddies

After working at Momma Chris' house on Daddy's birthday Sat. we set up the slip n' slide and Daddy & Aunt Misty started frying fish & shrimp...and Paula Dean Onion Rings...YUMMY!!!! Momma Chris made homemade ice cream sundaes...what's a birthday without ice cream??? as you can see Tyson is enjoying the slip n' slide now...since he is FULLY clothed in the first pic.
A real man continues "working" until the job is done...dragging the wagon around makes it look like he is still working. 
This is the way the slip n' slide ended see how this happened just check out the video below. Tyson is learning LOTS of cool things from his cousins. 


Tyson was VERY proud of himself for writing on Daddy's birthday card. He helped me buy and wrap the gifts.

Tyson helped Daddy read his writing.  We love you Daddy!!!

Last day of MDO

Last Tuesday was the last day of the Spring session of Mothers Day Out. BOOHOO for Momma...Tuesday was a Bounce/Pizza Party.  It was SO CUTE! they had inflatable jumpies in the Family Life Center and it took a little while for Tyson to finally JUMP...he did a little dancing as you can see in the video.
Ms. Sue puts out the "chairs" at the beginning of the day now because when she would get them out for other reasons (arts/crafts) the kids would think it was time to eat. (Probably my kid) When Tyson was running around he saw the chairs in the corner of the gym and there he went. He sat in that chair and watched the others play for quite a while. I had to make him get up and go play again. 
Bring on the pizza...WOOHOO!!!