Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot Chocolate Dance

Tyson loves to watch The Polar Express and his favorite part his the Hot Chocolate song...he always screams..."MOMMA COME HERE...WATCH THIS" and he gets up to dance.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We have a READER!!!

One of Tyson's favorite things is to read books with Daddy before bedtime and sit on the floor in his room, or on his beanbag in the living room and read his books. I LOVE IT!!! Read to your children...it is PRECIOUS time you may not get back...and read IN FRONT of your children...books, magazines, the newspaper, etc...just instill that LOVE early. Usually he is a silent reader, but yesterday he decided that he needed to read a story to Momma. As a Reading Teacher it makes me proud...as his Momma I am down right speechless...of course I control the video and you don't see the part where I had to turn the book right side up...and you may not be able to completely follow the story line (or any words for that matter)...but I think I may have produced a GENIUS!!! (that half of the genetics obviously came from me) :) Enjoy Clifford the Big Red Dog

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today we met the family in Beaumont to "pick up the boys." We met at Tokyo to have lunch...YUMMY!!! It was so good to see the boys again...we missed them a lot. Momma Chris kept them this weekend so Scott and I could enjoy some adult time with friends and host a party. It was a GREAT weekend...but we are happy to have our boys back.

When we walked in today Michael said "this is the same table we sat at last time" and when we sat down Lane said "Aunt Jean...last time we were here you were pregnant with Tyson." I am sure I am not the only one who enjoyed myself today...but at the same time kept thinking about "the last time we were here." The last time we were here we met the family for Mother's Day in 2007. Scott and I knew we were pregnant with Tyson so it was a VERy happy Mother's Day for me.

So while THE WHOLE HOUSE but me is napping this afternoon (it's been a long weekend) ha ha ha...I have been going through pictures and remembering "the last time." Lane, Landon, and KiKi were SO YOUNG!!! they look like babies! and of course we miss Poppa Mike so much. I can't help but think he would be so proud of us today...for creating new memories...because today I laughed SO MUCH! it is always fun to see life through the eyes of children. Even though the kids could eat with chopsticks better than Aunt Jean...I tried.

So I share our memories with you...and I hope you enjoy "the changes" in the kiddos as much as I have. God is good...and although we wish Poppa Mike was still physically here with us...we are BLESSED beyond measure with the JOY and excitement of our children.

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These pics are obviously from before Halloween...but I had to post them. Scott came home from work one day after we went to the pumpkin patch and he decided on a whim that it was time to carve the pumpkin while he was grilling outside. Needless to say...it took A LOT more work than he thought initially...and Tyson would not TOUCH it...because it was "EEWWW NASTY!" So here are the many faces of Tyson while creating "punky" the pumpkin. (that's what he named it) Scott did a pretty good job for the first time to ever do this and to cut it with a kitchen knife. We enjoyed you while you were fresh and not stinking punky...sorry I had to toss you in the garbage...but you carried a smell like no other.

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