Monday, September 27, 2010

I-PHOTO: I know you are in there somewhere I was so excited to get back into "blogging." Spent some time yesterday going through photos on I-Photo...updated background and layout pics. SO HAPPY! pictures make me happy in case you didn't know :)

I am cropping pics last night when my screen goes BLACK! Long story short...I-Photo will not open anymore...and the last time I backed-up the computer harddrive was LAST YEAR! (yes...I have already had a lecture/computer lesson from Scott this morning) So now we have backedup the hardrive and we can SEE all my pics (80 gigs...did I tell you I really like pictures) BUT I can't get to them and I-Photo still will not open. MMMMMMMMM....I am not allowed to "touch it" til Scott comes back home. hee hee hee I have been torn between crying and throwing up. LESSON LEARNED!!!

Praying for my photos: Desperate plea...I LOVE YOU PHOTOS! I promise when I get you back I will take better care of you...and I will SAVE you multiple ways...and I will EDIT (maybe that is stretching it a little) NO...I WILL EDIT!!! and only keep the GREAT ones...and then I will PRINT YOU! and not just keep you on my computer to share through Facebook and Blogging. I WILL PRINT YOU! and then I will SCRAPBOOK YOU (one day...hang on I'm gonna write that down on my TO DO LIST)

AND I will goto Best BUy today and see if my camera is out of the camera hospital yet??? MISS YOU CAMERA! I PROMISE I WILL NOT LET TYSON PLAY WITH YOU ANYMORE! (do these feel like empty promises to anyone?)

I SEE YOU pictures...I know you are in here somewhere...and I am gonna GET YOU!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Under Construction I have been neglecting my blog due to Facebook...APOLOGIES!!! Consider this blog currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION...or should I just say an update...or remodel if you will. I am WORKING ON IT!!! I even wrote it on my "things to do list." :)