Thursday, February 25, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover (Bartlett style)

And so it begins...The boys and I have been gone since Saturday (February 20th) **Happy birthday to me" ;) A LOT has happened since then. We moved into this home when Tyson was about 6 months old (he is 2 now & Baby Mike is almost 8 months). The house is about 25 years old and WE LOVE IT! we always knew we would do "a few things" when we bought new countertops etc. But, we decided in the last few months that we want to stay here so we are jumping into our first remodel. We call this "Phase 1" and if we are still married and have any money left when this is done...we will start Phase 2 in a few years. As I am typing this the contractor (who is AWESOME) is sanding the floors. This is my first time home since it all started. Tyson and I came in from Liberty for MDO and Aunt Misty is watching Baby Mike...Momma has A LOT to do...and one of those things is working in lunch with my husband...and get my computer fix. Life is good my's dusty...but it is good!!

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