Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Momma made me do this!!

I had to take pictures of Tyson in front of the azaleas at the lake. He was more interested in the leaves, dirt, and buzzing like a bee. BOYS!!!
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At the LAKE!!

It is always fun to be AT THE LAKE, even if it isn't "swimming" season yet.
At the lake, there's always a little bit of work to do...It helps to make noises when you mow.
At the lake, there is always time to REST!!

At the lake, there is always good music.

At the lake, there is always good food to eat...and lots of SNACKS!

At the lake, Mommy likes to REST too...this is where you will usually find Mommy when she is not entertaining me.

What? I'm not too big...

Tyson thought it would be pretty cool to climb into his old walker at the lake this weekend even though we told him over and over that he was too big. He pushed it in front of the t.v. and climbed right in.
Looks pretty comfortable doesn't it. I don't know what I was thinking.

Last week

This is a pretty serious baseball face here...maybe the helmet is just heavy.
Trigger had an over-night "doggie date" at the Croppers last week.  Although Daisy is a fine catch...we have no idea if there are puppies in the future. BUT, Tyson enjoyed visiting with "the big boys" Kaden & Kale.  He likes all of Kale's "big boy toys."

Kaden & Kale taught Tyson a few things about baseball.
I think Tyson would have taken this truck home if we let him. I thought it was pretty cool myself.
The Williams had a crawfish boil the weekend before last and Tyson was "NOT afraid." He just picked them up while they were still alive...Scott finally ripped the pinchers off so he could really play with them. NASTY NASTY NASTY!!! and yes he ate them too...MeMe peeled some for him and now he has had them two weekends in a row. Nastiness!!! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mega Bass Tournament???

Nederland Heritage Festival

Is it me or do the Daddys think they are still at Doc B's Mega Bass Tournament???

It pays to be PICKY!!!

Nederland Heritage Festival
This is a quick video of how indecisive Tyson was at the "Duck Pond." This was a MUCH longer process than I can show you on video...but it made us laugh. The lady told us"For $2 he will get one chance and he gets what he picks out...BUT for $5 he will have THREE chances and she will guarantee atleast a MEDIUM prize." HELLO??? Momma likes paying $5 for a $1 prize...count us in! How was I supposed to know that Tyson has "luck" like his Daddy. He didn't even draw the little numbers...he drew TWO mediums AND a LARGE!!!! It pays to be picky!!!  LUCKY DUCK!!!

Petting Zoo

We took Tyson to the Nederland Heritage Festival last night. He didn't ride any rides but he DANCED a lot. A petting zoo was part of the deal...so we had to try this out. We laughed so hard. As you can see from the pictures Tyson was not too sure about all of this. He would not take his eyes off of the "big" animals long enough to actually pet the little ones. 
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too cool...just like Daddy

Tyson usually will not have anything to do with sunglasses...but Sunday afternoon when he woke up from his nap Daddy was outside cleaning the patio. He was also grilling fish & shrimp (YUMMY). Since Daddy had his sunglasses on, Tyson went to get his too. So he sat in the swing and looked COOL while Daddy worked outside. 

Pics from the week

MeMe gave Tyson a sucker when they were playing outside the other day. I love the picture of him blowing in the grass.
Unfortunately, Tyson thinks he has to talk on the phone like everyone else as soon as he gets in the car. He is talking on his Mickey Mouse phone in Daddy's truck. I don't know who he is talking to...but it looks like a pretty serious conversation.

I wish I would have had the video camera ready for this one. I think these pics are from last week. This was his first day to wear a new outfit. The big deal was the fact that he got to wear shorts and sandals. He thinks he looks pretty good. So good that he had to do a little happy dance.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Daddy made a bubble bath for Tyson the other night. It was so funny to watch him. He thought the bubbles were silly...and of course we wanted to eat them.


Tyson got his new school bag for Valentine's Day. (Thank goodness we don't have a Disney store here...he got lots of Disney Valentines since we went shopping in Houston) I haven't sent it to school yet because I wanted to put his name on it. (I guess I should say...I want Aunt Misty to put his name on it. THANKS AUNT MISTY!!) We got it out the other day to send to Liberty and he had to model it for everyone...then we had to hide it so he did not see it go "Bye Bye." He is pretty proud of himself.

Daddy is a genius!!!

I purchased this little Tonka Car Track the day after Thanksgiving at Toys R Us for "practically nothing." Yes, it was absolutely worth standing in line for this Christmas gift. Since Christmas I have spent many shopping trips looking for the batteries that go with it. I was not about to tell Scott that I couldn't find the right batteries because I was afraid "maybe this is why it was so CHEAP." Since I didn't have these Tyson and I play with it WITHOUT power...does it really need power?  This is one of the many toys we left in the living room yesterday. When Daddy came home Tyson showed it to him...so they could "play." In a few minutes this is what I heard and saw in the living room. Apparently 1.5v and "C" batteries are the same thing...and of course...I stock up on EVERYTHING...we do live in a Hurricane friendly environment...so we have TONS of "C" batteries. I guess it is A LOT more fun to play with when it has power...sorry buddy. Thank goodness Daddy is a genius!!!


Tyson chose to share the leftovers from his breakfast with Putter this weekend.
I guess he thinks we shouldn't share this information with Daddy and Trigger.