Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mommy's Pregnant Pics

So a lot of people (the one's I don't SEE often) have asked me to send or post pics of me pregnant. I am officially 7 months pregnant...and NO ONE wants to see this...I am big and FAT...but healthy and so is Baby I am ok with this...but will I be posting pics anytime soon? NO!!!  When I got out of the shower this morning I heard Scott saying "YOU LOOK LIKE MOMMY!!!" with that semi-evil giggle only he and Tyson possess.  This is what I saw when I walked in the room. So if you wanted to know what I look like...this is pretty close...and apparently I GRUNT when it is difficult to move...Aren't my boys FUNNY!!!

Poppa Mike

I don't even know where to begin in describing how much we miss Poppa Mike. The above picture is from Tyson's 1st birthday party on December 20, 2008.  Tyson is holding Poppa Mike's reading glasses stolen from his pocket. This is the first thing he would look for when Poppa Mike would pick him up. Momma Chris gave Tyson a set of those glasses to keep. THANK YOU MOMMA CHRIS! 

I am sure everyone knows at this time, but some people have asked for details...this is all I will say. Poppa Mike was with us on Wednesday morning (April 8th)...he was complaining of indigestion...Momma Chris took him to the hospital and he had a massive heart attack at the hospital. The family has NO history of anything health related and Poppa Mike never showed any signs. He just had a positive physical prior to this. Those who know Poppa Mike well know that he was probably one of the STRONGEST and HEALTHIEST men they knew. The team was able to bring him back...Scott, Momma Chris, & Misty were blessed with TIME on Wednesday where Poppa Mike was responsive and FULLY understood how much everyone loves him. This is something that I know the whole family is holding on to. By the next morning Poppa Mike was septic. Although I was at the hospital during his second procedure I did not get to see him because he passed away less that 24 hours of entering the hospital doors. I could go into greater detail about what they did...but the fact of the matter is everyone did absolutely EVERYTHING they could...and we are all so thankful for that. Does it make any sense? Absolutely NOT!!! But I have been amazed at the strength of the family...MY FAMILY...that I have been blessed with.  We all know that God has had his hand in this from the many people have told us about conversations/random phone calls/and encounters they were blessed with just days and weeks prior with Poppa Mike. God prepares our hearts...

Scott and I have had many conversations about my Mom since we have met each other...I told Scott after losing my mother 12 years ago...I was SO blessed...I have always known this...that God GAVE ME TIME...I knew for 14 months that she would not be with us. Does it make it easier to lose a parent? NO...but it is a BLESSING!!! Time is a BLESSING!!!! I never wanted my family to feel this kind of hurt and for ANYTHING I would take it ALL away...but we all know that God will bring us through this. He is already showing us blessings in the lives of other people. God spoke to people through the life of Poppa Mike. Was he perfect...NO WAY!!! None of us are...but he LOVED LIFE! and he never took time for granted...the man NEVER STOPPED...and he loved his family more than anything in the world...but more importantly he loved the LORD first and foremost. 

Poppa Mike and I had music in common...and God has blessed me with HEARING HIS VOICE when I hear songs on the radio...or I have a song in my heart...when we are telling stories...I can HEAR that infectious laugh. HE WAS SO LOUD!!!!  ha ha ha  While staying with Momma Chris I had a hard time in the mornings because I used to get up early (pre-Tyson) and sit in the living room with Poppa Mike and drink coffee and solve all the worlds problems....the man could talk...and I loved to hear his stories. He shared his heart. I wish I would have gotten up early EVERY morning.

As for our boys...Scott & I will have to live our lives so that our boys ALWAYS know who Poppa Mike & Momma were. I hope that they have met each other now...I have a feeling that Poppa Mike has been telling her stories about her grandson. He has probably talked her ear off by now...but I hope he gets to see her beautiful smile.  

Our hearts are sad...Cherish your TIME!!! and don't waste it...we have to live each day like it is our last...because we never know what life is going to bring our way. 

Tyson will soon be a big brother. Our 2nd baby boy is due July 16th. Scott and I decided to name him after Poppa Mike. So our new baby boy will be Michael Gather Bartlett. No, that's's Gaither...but spelled wrong...kind of like Jeanifer...I have already shared my thoughts with the family about this name...Gather (when spelled correctly) means "a goat herder"...thanks a lot Bartletts...I can hear Poppa Mike laughing right now!" So "Baby Mike" is on his way...and we can't wait to see his beautiful face!!  
"Thank you Jesus for your many blessings. I am so thankful that Poppa Mike is not hurting anymore. Selfishly I wish he was still here...humanly I am very sad...and sometimes angry...but I know that you have a plan that is bigger than us.  Help me to be the woman you have called me to be and to love my husband & family the way you intended me to...I so badly want to take this pain away. Please shower Momma Chris, Scott, Misty & Michael, Lane, Landon, KiKi, Tyson, Grandma Bartlett, Aunt Melinda, Uncle Noel...and the rest of the extended family with PEACE in their hearts...SLEEP...and many many happy memories."

Tractor Ride

We had dinner with the Williams fam on Thursday evening. It was fun to get the boys together to play outside. Tyson has been missing his buddy Kaden. Kaden is 24 months old & Tyson is 16 months. Vicki's camera is AWESOME!!! and since I just found my battery charger after about a month...I stole her pics to add to my blog. In the slideshow a lot of the pics will be similar but I couldn't make a decision so I just added them all. Good times!!!  & good food Kendal!!! THANKS GUYS!!!! 

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Hoppy Easter

I took Tyson to see the Easter Bunny today. He was SO first...I don't have pics of everything...but we were there when the Bunny walked through the mall. Tyson started making his bunny face...which is more like squinting his eyes than moving his nose. The Bunny came up to him and shook his hand...he played peepie with the bunny...when he got out of his stroller he walked right up to the Easter Bunny and gave him high five...
and then I guess he had enough of that.
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My Baby Boy???

Where did my "baby" go??

This photo was taken in the pool on June 1, 2008.  I LOVE Tyson's tan line on his little fat rolls.
This photo was taken yesterday (April 5, 2009) in the hot tub...not as many fat rolls...and his face looks like a little man. Of course we all need to work on our tans...but where did my baby go??? Just think in a few months there will be another one!!!  

"Almost Summer???"

Yesterday Daddy installed new fans and lights on the patio. Momma thought it would be fun for everyone to put their feet in the pool to see if it was too cold.  Yes...Momma knows it is April...
It was a "little cold" and Daddy had a BETTER idea.
While we grilled chicken on the green egg Daddy heated up the hot tub...we haven't used this because "someone got pregnant."
Daddy made it just perfect so Momma could get in too...of course who would take pictures if I was IN the hot tub???
Daddy's a GENIUS!!!!

 Momma's idea was a "little silly."  It's almost summer!!!

Kaden turns TWO!!!

Tyson's buddy Kaden Williams had his 2nd birthday party this weekend. LOTS OF FUN!!! of course all the pics of Kaden are on his Momma's camera. So here are a few of Tyson and his other buddy Blake Tucker.

They were in the bouncy together and from the look on Tyson's face he is trying to get Blake into trouble...
"Instead of using the slide in the front it is fun to throw yourself out of the this."
"Come on one's watching...I already opened it for you!"

"HA HA HA!!! where's Blake???  hee hee hee"
"Just in case you didn't know...swinging can be VERY SERIOUS business...when it isn't "your" swing...and you are not sure who is pushing you."   HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADEN!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We have been SO blessed with BAGS of hand-me-down clothes from cousins Lane & Landon. Most of Tyson's clothes are hand-me-downs. We love them...we came home the other day and MeMe had Tyson dressed to "play." Scott is not a huge fan of what I like to call a "romper" (the cute little "baby" one piece outfits.) I think they are he is sporting a baseball romper...but then we saw his florescent green crocs WITH SOCKS....and we just want to know if these were Lane's, Landon's, or Kiersten's???  Scott is betting on Kiersten. Of course to top it off Tyson is carrying my camera case around...this is a little thing we like to call his "man purse." Needless to say Daddy changed his clothes into something "UT" and we all went to eat dinner. CUTIE!!!


It is NASTY weather today so Tyson had to wear his new rain boots. MeMe gave him these boots for Valentine's Day.  He was so proud of himself. He walked right into Mother's Day Out with them on...after a little while one of his buddies took one off and used it like a horn...They were all so cute singing into the boots.  Good gift MeMe!!