Monday, August 24, 2009

1st trip to the BEACH

This video makes me SMILE! we went to Johnson's Bayou yesterday to visit with Megan & Adam's family. We took Tyson to see the beach for the first time and it was SO much fun. The whole day was wonderful. I would blog more...or even add text to the slideshow but both little guys are awake now...and "mommytime" is over. It was fun while it lasted.

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Baby Mike was there too...but all he got was a little sunburn on his nose and cheeks. It's tough being the second child...


"HELLO??? just for the record...Scott & Jeanifer have TWO boys...not JUST Tyson who seems to take up the MAJORITY of the space on this blog. I am Baby Mike...and I too am adorable and can do AMAZING you can see from the below video."
"yea...I didn't think it was very long either...I was just getting warmed up...Momma accidentally filmed this when she was TRYING to just take a picture...but a video is a video...and I DEMAND equal blog space!"

"Teaching an old dog new tricks?"

So I have had a challenging time learning how to nurse Baby Mike for AN HOUR at a time while occupying the time of twenty month old Tyson. My "favorite" activity is PUPPY play. Tyson new thing is to crawl around on all fours...bark like a dog food if you aren't watching him...if you can't find him he might be sitting in front of the dog bowl...WITH HIS FACE IN IT...drinking water...SO I decided to teach him how to play FETCH. While I am nursing he brings me a fabric ball...I say "SIT"...he laughs hysterically and sits down on the floor...I say "STAY" he stays almost as well as Trigger....I throw it as far as I can...he crawls or RUNS to it...picks it up like a dog with only his mouth...brings it back to me and then I say RELEASE...he drops it in my hand...and we play AGAIN MOMMA AGAIN!!

Why is this not on video...COME ON PEOPLE...I am many hands do you think I have??? These photos are from a night with friends when we played fetch with Tyson and his buddy Kaden...TOO CUTE!!! (thanks for the pics Vicki)

Wii Fit

I have been working on making a more structured schedule to keep up with Tyson AND Baby Mike. (preferably things that do NOT cost money...and will keep us out of the stores (TARGET is my friend)...ha ha ha) So I decided to quit making excuses for my lack of exercise and do this WITH Tyson even if we have to be inside the house due to weather. One day last week when it poured down rain I got out the Wii Fit I got for Christmas. Yes, I was pregnant at this time (because it turns out we like being pregnant or nursing EVERY Christmas)...and when I started the little Mii (character) continued to get "more plump" and there is NOT a button that says "I AM PREGNANT!" So I stopped using here I am 5 weeks post-op...and I get on it again...WITH Tyson...just trying to get Tyson to STAND STILL long enough for the Wii to "measure" him was a challenge. Then I tried to teach him how to use it...for those who do not can do many activies/exercises using the Wii stand on it and follow the movements on the screen. I chose RUNNING for Tyson...because the point is...he gets TIRED enough to take a BIG BOY you can see from the video...he doesn't quite get the concept of staying ON the board...but as long as he thinks he is playing...I think he will wear himself out. Since this video...Scott has created a Mii (so he can play with Tyson in the evenings) You create goals for yourself...and my goal is to LOSE the same about that Scott has chosen to GAIN every two weeks. (life IS NOT FAIR) He also taught Tyson to say "Hey Momma...BEAT THAT!" Seriously...why do boys have to be so competitive??? Momma just wants to get WiiFIT!!

getting bigger

"I know you may not be able to tell exactly...but I am getting bigger."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poppa Mike's Boat

Scott and I purchased the lake house in January of 2007. It is more than we could ever have dreamed of at the time. Our lives were so different just a few years ago. As I am looking through the computer at all of these pictures I am reminded again just how fragile life is...and yet how blessed we are in the midst of it all. I don't remember exactly when Poppa Mike bought his boat but it was around this time. The boat is EVERYTHING (in a boat) that he ever talked about...he was going to have this boat one day...and he got it.

This is my first memory of his boat...we all went to the lake house the first weekend we could. This was the first weekend in February 2007. Poppa Mike brought his boat...and it was COLD!!! You can see from the way the kids are dressed. We always wanted to have a place that our families would be happy to come and share. Poppa Mike was ALWAYS happy to come and share...because fishing was a HUGE part of who he was. I know Scott grew up with many memories of fishing trips, stories, and lies with Poppa Mike...and I am sure this blog would be completely different if he were the one writing it. (but we all know that's not gonna happen) So I share these photos with I have sat here for A LONG time...scrolling through them.

When we bought this house we were at a point in our lives where we decided to just "let it go." We had been trying to get pregnant...and that was not we decided that probably wasn't what God wanted for we went to plan B... Plan B was "play hard." We bought a lake house...and then we bought a bass boat to PLAY at the lake...and then we found out we were pregnant...and YES! we got pregnant AT the lake. (one snowy Easter weekend in 2007...ha ha ha...true story) It is amazing what happens when you LET GO...and Let God have control.

The slideshow shocks me in MANY ways...1) The kids look SO young....especially KiKi 2)Tyson gets in trouble for playing on the same staircase...just like KiKi 3)Putter was SO skinny...seriously she looks like she swallowed a football today 4)I am not in many pictures...ok that's not surprising either...I mean who would TAKE the pictures??? 6) I am also in shock that it has only been TWO years...seeing how we have TWO kids now...both of which were created AT THE LAKE HOUSE and 7)I am glad that I continue to ANNOY people by taking 1,000 never know when it may be a great (or the last) set of someone you LOVE!

So at the end of March this year we went to the lake and Poppa Mike met us there so he and Scott could fish. That Friday night while we sitting around...Poppa Mike was making sure I noticed how EXTRA clean the lake house was after Doc B's 2nd Annual Mega Bass Tournament a few weekends before. Then he took Tyson's camo four wheeler apart so we could add the batteries...we of course did not have the right ones...and Poppa Mike looked at me and said "Baby Girl we will get that baby some batteries...don't you worry about it."

Later that night I remember Scott telling me...(mind you I was 7 months pregnant watching a 15 month old)...

Scott: "We are fishing ALL day...we MAY come in to take a quick nap...but then we are going out again til it is too dark to fish"
Me: "Whatever"
Scott: "I am don't get all pissy pants...because we ARE fishing ALL day."
Me: "OK"

(I am so easy going...I mean seriously...OK...maybe those weren't my ONLY words...ha ha ha)
SO off they went WAY before the sun came up...THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT...and those of you who fish around here...know that was RARE this year because the wind was CRAZY...and they came in for a break then came back for dinner...I cooked (YES>>>I cooked...not Scott) I made spaghetti (shocker) and then after Poppa Mike ate he left late that night so he could be back in Liberty for he could sing that Sunday.

So little did I know that would be the last time we spent time with Poppa Mike at the lake. As a matter of fact until a few weeks ago it was the last time we would go to the lake. When we went to the lake a few weeks ago...I brought enough batteries to run Tyson's four wheeler for a few months NON stop...Scott put them in as soon as we got there. It was hard to go the first time...just as anything is hard to do the first time after losing someone you love...but we KNOW that Poppa Mike would want us to keep going...and keep sharing it with those we love...that 'is why we got it in the first place.

So why was it so hard to choose to keep our boat or Poppa Mike's...I don't think it was...I think Scott always knew he was keeping Poppa Mike's was just a matter of taking care of it all. You see our boat is just a we have Poppa Mike's boat...and it is EVERYTHING he ever wanted in a boat...and that is more than enough for my boys.

This is Tyson and Scott last weekend boat riding (which is serious business) (August 2009)

This is Poppa Mike with our nephews Lane & Landon going for a boat ride. (Feb 2007)

This is Tyson showing me how you "find the fish" with Poppa Mike's boat. (August 2009)

This is Scott with Lane and Poppa Mike...His smile says it all. (February 2007)

Tyson and Daddy putting Poppa Mike's boat away in it's new home at Toledo Bend
(August 2009)

Because I couldn't figure out which pics to omit...the rest are in the slideshow below.

"helping" Daddy

Tyson "helped" Daddy last weekend at the lake. They worked hard and had to take LOTS of breaks.
Tyson "helped" Daddy cut limbs from the trees and clean up the brush.

Everytime Tyson went outside he had to get sprayed down...because he is SWEET like Momma and the "squito bugs" like to eat him up.

Tyson even helped Daddy cut down a WHOLE does Daddy get Tyson to SIT and STAY while he chops down a WHOLE tree when Mommy has trouble getting him to STAY in the living room when she asks him. He thought this was pretty dang cool by the way.
Tyson also helped Daddy clean our boat out. He cleaned it so well that Daddy sold it the very next morning. Good job is all because of you.

Tyson also helped Daddy weedeat and "blow" off all the leaves around the lake house. I don't know how Daddy would have finished everything without Tyson's help. Mommy & Baby Mike enjoyed the AC away from the "squito bugs."

Just think this time next year...Daddy will have TWICE the help...and maybe Mommy can "scrapbook" at the lake??? What??? Mommy have "MommyTime"? That's crazy talk.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our "baby rhino" or "unicorn"

We went to the lake for the first time since March. We loaded up on Friday and learned how to travel with two dogs and TWO kids...and pack "everything" you need for a weekend at the lake. Needless to say we took my vehicle instead of the truck...because if we had taken the truck Trigger would of had to actually BE A DOG and ride in the back through the rain. OH WELL...I digress (did I spell that right?) The weekend was GREAT....VERY relaxing...Scott & Tyson even took the boat out for a little while. Baby Mike enjoyed the ceiling fans and lights at the lake house...he thinks it is all pretty cool. Tyson did A LOT of "boyish" things...such as stand on the hearth of the fireplace and dive into the floor like he is jumping in the pool. We were there 5 minutes unloading the truck when Scott realized Tyson was getting eaten up by mosquitos (did I mention the rain?) So he has chicken-pox-like bumps ALL over...he got SPRAYED...then back out again where he came back in with chigger-like bites IN his diaper...poor baby. But all-in-all it was a good weekend...we loaded up to go home on Sunday...Tyson picked up all his toys...the truck was running and the dogs were loaded up...I was changing Baby Mike's diaper for the road...and then it happened. I was trying to distract Tyson...and I said "Tyson show Daddy what you found" (which was a tiny plastic barn) He got all excited and went towards Scott who was standing by the staircase...he tripped and instead of just falling he grabbed the metal rail to the stairs...and it SWUNG his poor little baby head right into the metal part of the staircase. How he did not crack his head open I do not know. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I did ok...until Scott tried to put a bag of frozen corn (kernels not on-the-cob...for you visual learners) on Tyson's 2nd HEAD...and then I lost it...we were all sitting around the kitchen table at the lake...Baby Mike laying on the table staring out while his Big Brother screams his head off...and his Momma sobs like a little girl. HORMONES!!! Scott had to mention that "he has the grace of his Mother." Did I mention that I married a comedian?

So Scott took these pics when we got home yesterday...and as you can see Tyson is "real traumatized." He is STILL hammin it up for the camera. Due to his appearance...I may get turned into CPS tomorrow when I drop him off at Mother's Day Out. Our poor little "baby unicorn" or "baby rhino" (it looks like he is growing a horn.) God Love his little heart.