Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Gift

I took these pictures yesterday while we were having a playdoh session...of course I had to dig and find the 'ol Dr. Drill n' Fill I bought for Scott while we were dating and he was in dental school...(see Scott, you thought we would never "need" this ;) I couldn't help but notice how intent Tyson became when he realized he was "being Daddy." He got very serious about his work. I had to take pictures...and then I remembered Poppa Mike's glasses.

Today is Poppa Mike's birthday. We miss him VERY much...I know the holidays are difficult this first year...and I catch myself trying to do ANYTHING to make it "better" for my family. This turned into me "buying" more "things." Which I know is NOT the answer...but I catch myself trying to "fix" it myself...instead of totally relying on God. I am spending more time in prayer and reading my Bible...not books ABOUT the Bible (which I have a tendency to do more often)...but the actual Bible...and everyday God is showing me ways to show His love. I am trying to focus on HIM and the true meaning of Christmas...not to take away the pain...but because it is what I should be doing anyway. I know after losing Momma the day after Christmas that it can be VERY hard...but I am learning that if I truly focus on the true REASON for the SEASON...there is unexplainable JOY. JOY in the faces of my boys...JOY in the voices of those who "found that perfect gift AND are able to keep it a secret"...JOY in my own heart when I see my son play & talk to Baby Jesus the way God longs for ALL of us to do...I could go on and on. (it's my spiritual gift...rambling AND sarcasm...look it up...;)
BUT...I have "A Gift" for my husband...and I am sharing it with everyone because I know I am supposed to.

Scott when I watched our oldest son "playing Daddy" yesterday...it was more than my heart could handle. (and NO I am NOT pregnant again)...I watched as he spoke "gently" to his patient...I saw the intent focus (I think we might have a perfectionist on our hands)...I loved the way he kept Baby Mike engaged in the "activity"...when he looked through Poppa Mike's glasses so he could SEE everything better...I just sat at the table and "played" too. God is GOOD...ALL THE TIME! and I do NOT know why this happened that God would take Poppa Mike so soon...but I KNOW that He has a purpose and people's lives are being changed in a good way. Selfishly I just wish it could have all happened with Poppa Mike here. But when I watch our sons I see him...and I see you...and I am HAPPY! Poppa Mike & Momma Chris instilled in you a self respect & confidence that is amazing. He taught you how to do the BEST job you can...and when you are done...if it is is not your BEST...you do it AGAIN! (I can already see you and the boys battling through this one in the future) I see a man who walks into a crowded room and never meets a stranger. I prayed that my boys would be more like you socially (I may have prayed a little too hard on that one)...I prayed that they would be driven like you as well. I am thankful that God is already showing me this. You are an amazing man! For many reason...but mainly because of your love of the Lord. I know how important this is...and I am thankful that you are here to share that gift with our boys. Poppa Mike would be VERY proud of you & Misty. I know how badly you both want to here his voice saying this...but when you can't...I am here to tell you. He loves you and he is so proud of you!

So this is my gift to you (and it did not cost any money ;))...Scott...thank you for loving me...and I am wishing Poppa Mike a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know I am so thankful that he took the time to make you the man you are today...so you can pass that on to our boys. The boys will always KNOW him because of you.
I love you!
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Friday, December 4, 2009

"Baby Mikey WOCKIE"


"Alright Baby Mikey...your turn...WOCKIE!!!"

I started putting Baby Mike in the walker at the lake this weekend and so I broke out the walker at the house on Monday. He is not quite big enough yet at 4 months...his little toes don't touch the ground...but he seems to enjoy "hanging" around...and Tyson thinks it is one big car..."brrrooom bbrrrooom" Thank you dear Lord for giving me a tough little angel baby. This is the SLOW version of "Baby Mikey WOCKIE" (which is Baby Mike walks in Tyson talk)