Sunday, July 26, 2009

"I'm trying to GROW!!"

swim like a DUCK

The beginning of the summer I would try to get Tyson to kick his feet to swim so I started singing a SILLY Tyson sings it when he knows he gets to go swimming. This is an example...yes...we know Ducks "QUACK"...and Tyson CAN say this...but he sings "boc boc boc" like a chicken. my sweet boy

swimming FUN

This video is actually from last weekend...but I am just getting around uploading it. TYSON LOVES TO SWIM...and if you think it is crazy that Scott throws him in the air like should have seen my face LAST summer when Tyson was only 7 months old and he did the same thing...he is fearless...and I am so glad.


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rainy afternoons

This last week we have been blessed with RAIN. Tyson has had a great time playing with BLOCKS and his indoor tent with tunnels. THANK GOODNESS FOR INDOOR toys!!

this week

This is the way every night ends. Right now it takes about an hour and a half from bathtime to bedtime to get the boys ready for bed each night.
Tyson has been waking up on his own anywhere between 5:45 am and 6:30 am. He used to stay in the bed until we went to get him anywhere between 7:15 and he slips out of bed (without making a sound) opens his door and two pocket doors to get across to our room. He has also learned to turn his monitor off if he wants to get out of bed to play...smarty pants...but he does not realize that we have a video monitor as well. When he turns his monitor off...he is always so shocked to see us "catch him." The above pic is Tyson "dressed" to get breakfast for "the girls" at the office...notice blue pjs, black hat, camo crocs, and pink paci. When you wake up early you have to "work" So he helps take out the trash and get the newspaper too. I am usually feeding Baby Mike bewtween 4 and 6 am...but when i hear the pitter pat of Tyson's little feet...I have a sudden urge for coffee...lots of coffee.

Tyson is showing his cousins and friends his big boy room. We thought not attaching the bunk bed ladder would prolong the urger to climb....uuuhhmmm...not so much.

Every night...God reminds me how blessed we are.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My two favorite pics of the week...

These are my two favorite pics of the far...drum roll please...


"Seriously??? could I be any cuter??and I'm only 10 days old...i's just gonna get better."

Brotherly Love

Good dogs

I realize our first babies have not made the blog in a while.  Trigger (yellow lab) and Putter (uuhhmmm...mutt dog) are adjusting very well to Baby Mike. I think they are having more difficulty adjusting to Tyson being A BOY.  They are such good dogs...Tyson can be so rough.   Trigger just lays there and lets him do whatever he wants...Putter tends to RUN as fast as her football shaped body will allow her to get away from him. Just last night he came around the corner and jumped on his bean bag...and as you can see...Putter likes to "share" the bean she was NOT happy.


Scott bought a new hose & sprinkler for the front yard because it has been so dry. Tyson helped him get it all set up and right when he was about to turn it on...the sky turned black...and the wind started whippin...and they all ran inside...the sprinkler is still in the front rained CRAZY hard...thank goodness.
Tyson was telling us what was going on...everytime it would lightening he would scream "WOA"

We decided Tyson may have seen rain for the first time yesterday. He was mesmerized. LOL

Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Daddy made breakfast this morning...having a baby brother ROCKS!!!"

Playing with BABY

"This is MY BABY"
"This is MY BABY's MOUTH"
"He LIKES it when I kiss him"
"You have to be EASY with MY BABY...or you go to Time Out...that's not fun."

look at me

Tyson came out of our bedroom with the hat Baby Mike wore in NICU.  So of course Scott had to put it on his head...he looks like someone who is about to rob a bank or something...and he loves it!!

It's hard being a GOOD BOY!

This is nothing exciting.  Tyson is definitely testing his limits around the house after the new addition.  He's been spending  A LOT of time in his time out chair...but he LOVES his baby brother and other than "testing" he is doing really well. This video shows Tyson being "easy" with the bouncy chair.  Tyson likes to make it bounce....because that is just fun...unfortunately for those who are familiar with this chair if you pull it down to the floor and let it can SHOOT just about anything out of it.  BUT, I can't video brother is going to be one tough little kid.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

teaching Little Brother

Tyson is learning how to take care of Baby Mike. All the baby doll practice paid off...he knew exactly what to go when Baby Mike took his nap...he rocks the cradle and sing "Baby...Baby"

This video is from this morning. We put the swing by the window so our yellow Baby Mike can get some sunlight. Tyson is much more interested in the swing at this age. When he was Baby Mike's age...he did not like it AT ALL. Baby Mike took a good nap in it today...thank goodness...this swing may come in real handy when I don't have enough hands.  This video isn't great but Tyson had to show Baby Mike all the swing has to offer...he would bat the toys around and show him the animals in the pictures. Thank goodness he is far...but we won't be leaving them alone anytime soon. Tyson loves his Baby Mike and that makes Mommy & Daddy very happy.

First Few Days

Baby Mike's first bath at home.
Tyson stood in a chair and supervised this process while brushing his teeth.
This is Tyson saying "Baby"

Tyson says "Babies drink Mommy's milk, Big Boys eat CHEERIOS and fresh blueberries! YUMMY!"

Baby Mike and Baby Chase (Williams) finally meet. Baby Chase is 9 weeks older than Baby Mike. WOW!!!  Baby Mike has some catching up to do.  

YES, we know Baby Mike is "yellow" you dont have to tell us...just got back from check-up and he is FINE and DANDY...6lbs 9ozs...just jaundice from breast milk which is normal.  Tyson was the same way in the beginning. He doesnt have to go back til his 2 month check-up and Tyson goes back for his 2 year check-up in December. Just living the dream!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Mike is here!!!

Baby Mike arrived at 1:09 pm Thursday, July 9, 2009. He was 7lbs 1oz and 19 1/4 inches long. He was sent to NICU due to labored breathing. This took us by surprise...and I had a difficult time since I was unable to see him since I had a c-section. Scott would take pictures and bring them back to me to see. The next morning Scott was there before 6am and they took him off the oxygen so Scott was able to hold him for the first time. As soon as they removed caths etc. I took a shower and walked down to NICU so I could see him and hold him for the first time. I got to nurse him for the first time Saturday afternoon, and he was moved to the nursery soon Scott and I kept him in the room with us the last night. We were all released yesterday so we spent our first night at home last night. Although the first night for Baby Mike was pretty restless we are happy to be home and healthy. As you can see from the pics Tyson is VERY excited about his Baby Mike.  He gives him LOTS of sugars and tries to feed him french fries. It's about to get crazy. I will try to add more pics later...but for now...I am going to rest and get back on my feet.  Thanks for all the love, prayers, and support. We are SO BLESSED!!!

TO SEE MORE on  Riley's World under "Our friends" 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Mike will be here TOMORROW!!!

As I am adding these posts to the blog I am sitting in the scrapbook room with the ceiling fan rockin and an upright fan blowing directly on me. We decided to get one of our A/Cs upgraded (and duct work etc) because our side of the house stays above 80 in the afternoons...NOT FUN for those of us who are 24 months pregnant. Scott told me..."the only time we can get it done before Baby Mike is the Monday & Tuesday of THE week he will be here." NO WORRIES...we will sleep between the couch and Tyson's toddler bunk bed while this is being completed...i would say "you should have seen Scott sleeping on Tyson's toddler bunk bed...but since I traded him last's not so funny anymore. Sleeping in it is comfortable...getting my HUGE body out of it in time to make it to the bathroom is NOT very pretty. WHY you may ask were we sleeping there Tuesday night?  GREAT QUESTION!!!  Because we are the Bartletts and it is NEVER a dull moment around Monday..."it's all good" and then Trigger leaps up and runs to the pocket door...and I think "that's weird"....he is running around in now Tyson wants to see what's going on...Tyson slides the pocket door open (to the side with no AIR)...runs through the dining area into the Master Bedroom...and all I hear is "UH OH...MOMMA...UH OH!!!" when I finally make it there he is standing by one of the A/C guys pointing at the ceiling...The poor kid slipped in the attic and stepped through the Master Bedroom Ceiling..."UH OH MOMMA" is right!!!  Important thing is...HE IS OK!!!...and Momma didnt go into LABOR!

SO TUESDAY! when I took Tyson to Mother's Day Out...I left my house with the AC crew in the attic (BLESS THEIR HEARTS)...and general contracting crew in the master bedroom (with no AC bless their hearts) patching the HOLE...and a check on the bar for the guy from Pest Control to "let himself in" for our 6 month "spraying." My hope was to get back from the hospital (blood work & surgical preregistration) in time to pick Tyson back up and let the "paint crew" in to paint the bedroom ceiling. (with NO A/C bless their hearts...They were in a little plastic bubble...THANK YOU FOR COVERING EVERYTHING!!!) Let's just say I had a few contractions yesterday just to "keep me on my toes."

Tyson woke up before Scott got out of the shower this morning so I had him help me on the "hot side of the house." Where I sit now...GEEZE LOUIS!!! We cleaned Baby Mike's cradle up and made the bed...(Poppa Mike built this beautiful cradle for Tyson...and I AM SO GLAD HE DID!!!)...then Tyson ran across to the cool side of the house (where I will be in a minute)...and brought back "his" Baby Mike...and the pictures and video are him showing me how to "rock the baby."  PRECIOUS!!! 

We are so excited to see Baby Mike. We will leave for the hospital in the morning...and c-section is scheduled for 12:30.  We know our lives our gonna change...AGAIN...but we are SO excited. 

One of the things that has been on my heart lately is how God ALWAYS continues to bless us. We are "holiday babies." Scott was born on Memorial Day (and tends to throw himself a BANG UP party every year lol) I was born on February 20th (I'm a Valentine Baby)...Momma passed away the day after Christmas...and then God blessed us with Tyson 11 years later...on December 2oth (He is our Christmas gift...and nothing could have made this time of year more precious for me) and now is a good time to remind those who need to know (SCOTT) That Tyson and I refuse to have Valentine & Christmas gifts combined with our birthdays...It's just wrong....ok back to holidays.  Poppa Mike passed away on April 9th (the week of Easter) and now God blesses us exactly three months to the day with Baby Mike on July 9th...he is our little FireCracker...I have a feeling Daddy will make sure he has a "bang up party" every year as well. Hey, Baby Mike...atleast you don't get "combined" gifts for July 4th..."it's JUST WRONG!"  For the sake of not crying HORMONALLY anymore like I am now...I just wanted to take a minute to share my heart. WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! we miss Poppa Mike & Momma SO MUCH...and there is nothing we wouldn't do to have them here with us right now to share in this exciting time of our lives...but GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME!!!  As my beautiful sister told me...Baby Mike is arriving with two special kissed one from "Momma Macaria" and one from "Poppa Mike." Don't think me, Scott, and Tyson won't be kissing that sweet face just as soon as we can.

So it's been a crazy week...and emotional & exciting...but we are here...and a lot of "big things are DONE!"...not the A/C but they are here today working as hard and as fast as they can. Rutty & Morris ROCKS!!!! And Scott and I can't wait to have our AC blow shaved ICE on us!!! WOOHOO

Speaking of ICE...we are trying to get Tyson to say more words...ESPECIALLY "please" and "thank you." So the day before yesterday I am eating Sonic Ice...because that's what I do...and Tyson wanted I said "what do you say?" and he says "PEAS" and I say "good...but what is this...can you say Ice, please?" and he looks at me only the way he and Scott can with that SMIRK and plain as day he says "ASS PEAS!"  YES! I gave him the ice...I asked for it...didn't I???  So when you see my precious 18 month old point at you (he is pointing at your cup) and he says "ASS PEAS" he is saying "ICE"...I promise!!!!   Back to the cool side of the house!

Dear me be a good mom to BOYS!!!

Happy 4th of July

Since someone apparently got pregnant all by herself and messed up everyone's summer by keeping us from the lake...we spent July 4th weekend at home.  BUT it was great...we rested...and worked on the house getting everything "baby ready." Scott cooked GOOD FOOD...and we played in the pool. We went over to the Perkins that evening for hotdogs and fireworks...and Tyson loved it!  All-in-All...a very happy 4th of July!"Momma!!! Why aren't we at the lake??"
Daddy needs lots of help cooking.
"If this had gas...I could get to the lake by myself!"

Helping Daddy is serious business.
Daddy taught me how to shoot baskets this weekend. Can you see my new floaties?? they have fabric covers because I bit a hole in my other ones...and these are fish...they go "CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!"


If you are not familiar with the game is a little Elephant that blows butterflies out of its trunk. You are supposed to catch the butterflies with your net. Cousins Lane, Landon, and KiKi always play so well with Tyson and these are a few pics of them teaching him how to play. EleFUN!!!!

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