Friday, October 24, 2008


On Wed. we had lunch with Daddy & "the girls" & Doug (sorry Dr. Becker...I always say "& the girls")  Our "little gangsta'" was taught how to drink out of a straw. SWEET!!!  I honestly didn't think he was really doing it by himself, but when we got home that evening Adi gave him some water from his cup and Tyson "sucked it up".  But be careful, when he is tired of drinking he just lets it fall out of his mouth.  He thinks that is "funny stuff."

We always love visiting "the girls" AND Doug at the office...Tyson gets LOTS of sugars.  We are so incredibly blessed by our family of friends.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grammy Rita's card

I love Grammy Rita & Grampa Don. I can't wait to see them.  Kisses (boogies are free).
I picked out this card for Grammy Rita's birthday.
Mommy wrote the message but I told her what to write, 

and then I gave it kisses before she put it in the mail. If Mommy actually puts a stamp on it and puts in the mail today maybe you will get it before your actual birthday...earlier than Uncle D-Dub got his. (HEY was STILL October!!)  LOVE YOU!!!

Maybe this will make up for the fact that there won't be a picture actually IN the card since she hasn't developed any since I was 6 months old. HA HA HA...she will bring some on the next visit.

KISSES  (boogies are still free)

Trigger still needs kisses

Things have changed a lot for the baby dogs (not really).  But every once in a while Trigger reminds us he is that he is still a "baby lap dog" (or so he thinks) and he needs lots of love. He lays like this on the floor with Tyson too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our 10 month old "Little Man"

Tyson looks like such a "Little Man" when he dresses like his Daddy. Yes, I know, he STILL looks like don't have to tell me.


Just a swinging...

Daddy temporarily hung Tyson's new swing from the patio. We tried it last night...he seems to enjoy it. I love this toothy smile! 


Momma Chris made new jammies for Tyson. Last night poor Tyson was SO TIRED, you can see it in his eyes. He still likes his jammies. This morning he found the buttons...he likes to chew on these.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kaden & Kale

The BOYSTyson Bartlett (9  1/2 months), Kaden Williams (18 months), Kale Cropper (2 years)
Teaching Tyson how to JUMP!!
UH OH!!! guess which picture is going to make the yearbook one day. I LOVE IT!!!  

Kiss the puppy

Tyson absolutely loves Baby Einstein. He claps his hands when he hears the intro music. Those of you who are familiar know this is when the "catepillar" comes on at the beginning of each episode. This is his newest video. "Neighborhood Animals" He likes the DOG...A LOT!...I think he wants to kiss it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

9 month pics

Check out Tysons' 9 month pics. 

Click on Applause Photo under our favorites....
click on Client previews
then click Tyson (september)

Michael always does such a great job...Tyson was not very cooperative this time...he was a little on the grouchy he crinkles his forehead all up when he is trying to "figure things out" (looks like his daddy)...Michael's garden offers lots of "contemplating" ha ha ha....i love these pics.

to see the older pics (Michael is creating a first year book for Tyson) scroll down in the client previews and click Tyson combined.


Now for the "haircut" poll

Scott has wanted to cut Tyson's hair for A LONG time...i am partial to waiting until his first birthday...looking at the pics I am starting to see the "baby mullet" that Scott complains about....ha ha ha

tell me what you think...cut it...or WAIT!!!  you can only have a baby mullet at certain times in your life and get away with it worth it???

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where did everybody go???

Hey!! where did everybody go???I wish I would have chosen to video the next two pics. He was banging his pacifier inside of this bucket. It was SO LOUD!!! Thank goodness it does not take much to entertain him.

We went to the lake this weekend to RELAX. It was very nice.

Tyson seems to really enjoy the lake. Of course while we were still evacuated, at the lake during Ike, he all of a sudden became MOBILE.  It is funny how he immediately remembers where everything is located.