Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where is Tyson?

I love this picture. Tyson thinks when he is hiding behind the curtains at Momma Chris' new house no one can see him. 

Checking the Pool

We are ready for it to be WARM all the time so we can SWIM. Last night Tyson played on the patio while Daddy cooked a brisket. Tyson played in the water from the plants and the dogs nasty water bowl. When Daddy went to dip his feet in the pool Tyson had to do just like him...and that water was pretty cool...but you can't tell from the pictures. 

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Slip N' Slide

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Aunt Misty got crazy this weekend and broke out the slip n' slide after a day of "moving" a few things to Momma Chris' new house.  Tyson was not too sure about all of this...but he is always game for what the "big boys" are doing. The slide show is just random pics from the favorite being the above pic of Tyson eating his first "push up" with KiKi (Kiersten).  The video is by far the best moment of the afternoon though...I got what I prayed for...a son with "no fear." When Lane & Landon figured out that they could use the "big slide" to increase their fun...Tyson decided he was man enough for this...of course he has NEVER even climbed the ladder, been in the fort, OR slid down the slide before...but he's a Bartlett Boy...he can do ANYTHING!!!  No I did not put the video camera down...I let Aunt Misty save I could "capture the moment." My sweet BABY!!! 


Aunt Misty sent these pics to me a couple of days ago. These are from the last weekend that Tyson spent with Poppa Mike and Momma Chris. Scott and I went on an "adult trip" to San Antonio (adult as in "kid free" for those of you in the gutter). This was the last weekend in March. Poppa Mike was always a "big kid." The grandkids loved playing with him. His son is A LOT like him in this aspect as you can see from the other posts...ONE BIG KID! I am blessed in many ways. I am so thankful to have these pictures. Thanks Aunt day I will scrapbook them...for now they have place in the blog.

"What does Mommy say?"

We spend a lot of time working with Tyson on words and animal sounds. A few months ago Scott taught Tyson a "new trick." We do realize that some things are funny when they are babies and may not be so funny in the future...LIKE TOMORROW when I am hormonal...but Scott is lucky that I have such a good sense of humor. In the beginning of this video Scott is trying to get Tyson to say "Mommy is COO COO" because I am always trying to "capture the moment."  

When Tyson is asked "what does a cow say?" he says "MOO" When you ask him "What does Mommy say?" he says this....and it is not "no no no"...that's right loving husband taught our adorable son to say "NAG NAG NAG" and he does this without hesitation...This is obviously his FAVORITE one.  One day in the future when poor Tyson is getting a spanking or sitting in Time Out for this one...he can thank his Daddy.


Tyson recently learned a new dance move from MeMe. We do realize that Tyson should be learning animal sounds, new words, maybe songs at this age...but we will see who is laughing when Tyson is the winner of So You Think You can Dance. (disclaimer...Scott and I are officially OLD because neither one of us knows this song...nor how the dance really goes...part of us thinks we don't want to know)  Thanks MEME!!!!  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Chase has arrived.

Tyson's best buddy Kaden is officially a BIG BROTHER!!!  Vicki & Kendal's new baby boy arrived Monday morning and Momma & baby are doing great. Kaden seems to LOVE his Baby Brother very much. The slide show below shows pics of Tyson when he first met Baby you can see...he is not quite sure about all of this. Hopefully he will be ready in the next 9 weeks...his day is coming VERY SOON!  The pic above is my kind of sums up his feelings at this time.  He is probably going to have a hard time being the BIG BOY...and not the baby anymore. We are very excited for the Williams family. Chase is precious and Kaden is going to be a great big brother.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our future HIGH JUMPER

When I was getting Tyson ready for school (Mother's Day Out) this morning he picked out a shirt with a "hop hop" on it. That is a frog to you and me.  Then we spent the next 10 minutes jumping and hopping around the house. He is pretty amazed with himself...and so are we of course. I don't know about you but I see a potential UT track scholarship in his future.  

"Baby Mike"

Much to Scott's dismay I brought home baby doll for Tyson. Had Scott been at the store and heard Tyson screaming "Momma BABY! Momma BABY!" while reaching towards the dolls in the toy section he would have been more understanding...maybe. Why were we IN the doll isle??? uuhhmmm....just trying to get to the TRUCKS. Regardless...I found a "Baby Mike." As you can see from the pics Tyson thinks it's pretty funny to take "Baby Mike's" paci. Now Tyson drags this baby doll all over the house. He "loves" on the baby, "kisses & hugs" the baby...he lays the baby down "easy." Sometimes he throws the baby across the room and slams its little baby head into the tile floor...but most of the time he "loves" the baby. Maybe he will learn how to be "easy" in the next 9 weeks...NINE WEEKS!!!!????!!!!  I have a thousand things to do.

Getting ready for summer

We have lived in Port Neches for a full year now...we are gradually completing things a room at a time. Our newest and most needed addition has been the new fence on the back patio to protect little ones from the pool. We are SO HAPPY with this addition. The company did an AMAZING job...and it is so nice to SIT on the patio and let Tyson play without chasing him away from the pool every second. Trigger (yellow lab) has not quite figured it out yet. He always thinks he is being punished. If he would just STAY OUT OF THE POOL he would get to stay with everyone else...but he has to act like a fool and jump in the pool as soon as we open the gate. Putter (mutt dog) on the other hand has no desire to get wet.  Getting ready for summer...WOOHOO!!!

"drugs are my friend"

Tyson got caught this morning digging through his "medicine travel bag."  He doesn't seem too concerned.

Comfy Chair

This is Tyson's favorite place to sit at the time. He drags this bucket from his bedroom into the living room and sits inside of it while he watches t.v.